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Airport Recreation Park Plan Moves Forward

IRONWOOD - The Parks and Recreation Committee met at the Township Offices Wednesday evening to discuss a DNR grant application for construction of Airport Recreation Park, located on Airport Road. The meeting was called to hear public comment on the park plan.

The marathon session lasted well into the evening with the committee members discussing every aspect of the grant application and the details of the project itself.


Lilly Palmer, soil scientist at Coleman Engineering was on hand presenting the proposed plan which includes a trail system. Under the plan the Airport Recreation Park will be designated as the trailhead for a comprehensive trail system.


Committee member Brad Noren, a silent sport advocate, told the committee and Palmer that the plan would have encompass both motorized sports and non-motorized spots. He used the Berkiebeiner, the largest American cross country ski race as an example. Brad pointed out that in the Hayward / Cable area motorized and non-motorized trails coexist successfully. In fact, Cable/Hayward also host…e host the eight stop of nine on the AMSOIL Championship Snocross Series (ACSS) of the International Series of Champions (ISOC) sanctioned tour.


The proposed Township project appears to include accommodations for everyone including people with disabilities.  Unlike the City plan the Township has put the plan together quickly and effectively. Their city cousins have been struggling for two plus years to put a park plan together and are barely any further along than they were two years ago.

The only thing remaining for the Township is to finalize the costs of the project. Last year a similar application was denied by the DNR. The new proposal will differ in that the Airport Park will serve as a trailhead, with trail connections to the North Country Trail to the east and westward to Wisconsin. There will also be consideration for a trail going south towards US 2 where hiker/bikers could go shopping.

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