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2011 Porcupine Mountain Music Festival Day 3 


The Porcupine Mountain Music Festival concluded Sunday after another day of beautiful weather and great music.

The final day began with an early morning performance on the Pease Hill Stage by Yvonne Blake.
Following Blake there was a performance on the Singing Hills Stage by Black River John.
The tempo increased quite a bit when Hoots and Hellmouth made their third appearance at the festival. This group is from Pennsylvania and is fantastic. The group received a standing ovation by the crowd attending their performance, and was called back on the stage for an encore, a rare occurrence at the festival.

Kevin Bowe appeared on stage performing more upbeat sounds. Bowe would later appear playing with Alison Scott. Scott herself made an appearance with Bowe at his performance.
Perennial favorites Seth Bernard and May Erlewine performed on the Peace Hill Stage. It was the second time the duo sang and played at this year’s festival. They are wonderful performers and a crowd favorite. The two have performed at every PMM Festival except for the second year. They would have performed that year too hadn’t it been for an important personal commitment. While on the subject of commitments, Seth told the audience that he and May were married this past July.
Seth and May’s great performance was followed by the “Children’s Performance” on the big stage.
The Festival continued with performances by Conga Se Menne, a group from Marquette Mi.; Bathtub Mothers; Alison Scott; and Charlie Parr who made his second appearance at the Festival.
Headliners the Guy Mendilow Band, a very unique group from Boston closed out the 2011 Porcupine Mountain Music Festival.

As all good things must eventually come to end, three great days of fantastic music in the beautiful Porcupine Mountains came to end Sunday evening, end we can now look forward with great expectation to the opening act of the 2012 Festival.
Hoots and Hellmouth




Kevin Bowe and the Okemah Profits


Seth Bernard and May Erlewine





Conga Se Menne

Conga Se Menne - The musical style of Marquette, Michigan’s Conga Se Menne is impossible to pigeon hole, running the gamut of Blues, Funk, Latin, Reggae, Rock, Caribbean beats and ethnic Finnish sounds. Island beat percussion blends smoothly with mellifluos keyboards, sonorous horns and big shouldered guitar work - all mixing with an influence of traditional styles. While the lyrics are geared for fun, the quality of their sound is no laughing matter. Derrel Syria’s original songs carry the flavor of Michigans Upper Peninsula in lyrical silliness and the spirit of its hearty residence in musical excellence. Conga Se Menne live and work along the chilly invigorating banks of Lake Superior and their mastery of melodic syncopation is second to none. Syria’s soumalainnen background shows in his comedic themes, Finnish lyrics and the yooper-accented crooning so familiar to local fans. Most of the music tells of good times and an appreciation of the finer, intangible aspects of living life on it's own terms, of not taking themselves too seriously. While the message is light hearted and entertaining, the musical competence of these fine musicians cannot be disputed. In an era of media-controlled popular music, the music of Conga Se Menne is a refreshing respite for us all.


Bathtub Mothers




Alison Scott

Minneapolis based Alison Scott and her band are on a mission to write, play, and sing music with soul. They have recently opened for Bon Jovi, Boz Scaggs, Marc Cohn, Chris Isaak, and Nanci Griffith and have been regularly selling out venues like The Varsity, The Fine Line, The Guthrie, and the Dakota Jazz Club. Alison has studied and played music her entire life; first piano, and then opera, music theater, and jazz. Her third record, "Chinese Whispers," was released September, 11, 2010 and recently was picked up by the Best Buy chain. Alison’s band includes triple platinum writer/producer/guitarist Kevin Bowe (Paul Westerberg, Etta James, Johnny Lang), as well as drummer Peter Anderson (Polara, Honeydogs), and bassist Steve Price (Rex Daisy).



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