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Washington School Hosts Open House
above Leah who accompanied her dad Chris, stands in front to her new desk.  She is excited to get back to school and be with her friends.

BESSEMER – August 31, 2011

Although school doesn’t open for another week, teachers at Washington School were in their classrooms this week greeting their students and their parents.

Washington school students were welcomed back by their new teachers and parents were given an opportunity to find out what the new year would bring.

above - Hunter came to the open house with his mom "Andrea", Hunter is eager to get back to Math Class.
Last night Gene Goss returned to his old fourth grade classroom. "I am excited and energized and I am looking forward to being back in the 4th grade classroom after three years as head teacher.”

Goss said that when he taught fourth grade four years ago he he had 30 students. This year he will have 32 fourth graders.
Jill Carver and Barbara Malmberg also held an open house last night for their fifth grade students and parents.

Polar Bear Cookbook

Thank you to everyone who submitted recipes for the Polar Bear Hockey Cookbook. The cookbooks are now available. The cost for the cookbooks are $10.00 so make sure to grab one for yourself and maybe one or two as a gift. They can be purchased at the Pat O'Donnel Civic Center concession stand or by contacting Kerry Roehm or Micki Sorensen.


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