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Finlandia Hosts Apron Exhibit

Hancock - January 24, 2010

The Finlandia University Reflection Gallery, Hancock, is hosting an exhibition of altered and handmade aprons through February 3, 2010. The exhibit opened at the Finlandia Reflection Gallery on January 11th 2010
The exhibit, ”The Apron Show” was organized by the Finlandia Young Women’s Caucus (YWC).

The Thursday afternoon reception was the first of two artists receptions scheduled at Finlandia that day. The first took place at the Reflection Gallery. The second reception for artist Melinda Steffy would follow Thursday evening at the Finlandia Gallery located at the Finnish American Heritage Center.

The Apron Exhibit is centered on the idea that aprons have a long history of association with women. The YWC and the Reflection Gallery hope the exhibit will prompt viewers to reflect on their own personal history and memories associated with aprons – and the women in their lives who wore them.

The exhibition includes aprons made by individuals in Canada, England, New Jersey, San Francisco, Chicago, and several other states. Many local artists created handmade aprons, including local fiber artist and Finlandia University art and design associate professor Phyllis Fredendall.
Fredendall says her apron entry was created while she completed a recent residency at the Felt Center in Petäjävesi, Finland. She says, “the apron represents for me all of the wonderful experiences I have had in the far north.”

YWC president and Finlandia art and design junior Laura Lakanen states that, “in the world in which our mothers and grandmothers grew up, the universal expectations included getting married, bearing children, and cooking, cleaning, and ironing – in an apron. Because these pre-1970s women fought to give the women they bore (us) more choices, we are free to reinterpret the symbol of the apron as we see fit.”

The exhibit was created under the tutorage of Yueh-mei Cheng, associate professor of studio arts  and Assistant Dean at the Finlandia School of Art and Design.

As we’ve come to expect both Yueh-mei and her students have done a fantastic job. This terrific exhibit will be at the Reflection Gallery Until February 3rd and will then travel on to the University of Wisconsin, Madison. The exhibit will then move to St. Louis where it will be dispalyed at the St. Louis Community College.

If you have plans to travel to Houghton-Hancock allow time to visit this most enjoyable exhibit.

The Finlandia University Jutila Center campus is located at 200 Michigan St., Hancock.


Around the Gallery Exhibit

above - Student Artist Amanda Moyer stands in front of the  apron she created and exhibit. Amanda made the apron from her blue jeans. The bib portion of her apron came from a pocket that had not faded as did the remainder of her jeans. This gave an interesting design contrast for her apron. The fabric used for the belt was made of material that came from her grand-mother.

Amanda, as is many of the Finlandia students, is a very talented and versatile artist. In previous exhibits Amanda has show talent in many art media.

above - an apron created by Michigan artist Phyllis Norton titled "After My Stroke"
above Apron titled "Sweet Mama" created by Michigan artist Rene Johnson

above - Yueh-mei Cheng, associate professor of studio arts. Yueh-mei is a fantastic artist, whose art has been exhibited at major galleries around the world.
Finlandia associate professor Phyllis Fredendall, who teaches Fabric Art, stands in front of her apron design, exhibited at the show.
above - Lana Bosak, stands in front of her apron "Grilled Cheese Sandwhich". Lana's great artwork has been seen on our website several times in the past. We have been enjoying the work of this young Minnesota art student for some time and we will miss her art after graduation.
Carrie Flaspohler, director of the Finlandia University Gallery, stands in front of her art work. Carrie is another very talented artist at Finlandia. Little wonder why the School of Art and Design Students are so skilled.
above on the right is Denise Vanderville, Acting Dean and Assistant Professor, International School of Art & Design .

Denise is going to have own ceramic exhibit "Dignity",  beginning February 4th at the Copper Country Community Art Center. Denise is a great artist and we look forward to covering the exhibit!