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Yes It's a Water Bridge!

Water Bridge in Germany ... What a feat!

Six years, 500 million Euros, 918 meters this is engineering!

This is a channel-bridge over the River Elbe and joins the former East and West Germany, as part of the unification project.

It is located in the city of Magdeburg, near Berlin. The photo was taken on the day of inauguration.



Chicken Soup - Yes

Chicken Coop - No

Planning Commission Says No to Chickens in Ironwood !

Ironwood - August 5, 2009

The Ironwood Planning Commission said no this evening to a citizens request to allow chickens in his Jessieville backyard. The citizen quoted the Michigan Right to Farm Act as authority to keep a dozen or so chickens on his R1 zoned property.

Leroy Johnson stated that the resident could keep chickens in his freezer, but not in the yard. After discussing the provisions of Ironwood’s Ordinances past and present, it was decided that chickens are prohibited within the city and that the gentlemen should be advised to bring his request to the Zoning appeals Board.

A review of the Right to Farm Act confirmed that the city was permitted to ban farm animals. A recent decision to ban chickens was also made by the Ontonagon Town Council.


Mighty Oak Centerpiece of Linn Reunion

Wakefield - August 4, 2009

It was just two weeks ago that Robert (Bob) Linn asked the the Wakefield - Marenisco School Board for permission to dedicate an existing Oak tree to his family. The Red Oak stands in front of the Wakefield school where it was planted twenty five years ago by Bob's brother. The tree was planted to replace another tree which had died and had once stood just a few feet away from where the new Red Oak would stand and grow through the forth-coming decades.


Senior Day At The Fair

Saxon - August 3, 2009

Saturday was "Senior Day" at the Iron County Fair, but the fairgrounds was filled with people of all ages. The on and off again rain may have dampened the grass, but it in no way dampened the spirits of fairgoers!

By mid-afternoon the midway rides were filled with teens enjoying the rides and amusements that teens have enjoyed for decades past.

There were plenty of rides for kids of any age, from teens to tots, something for all. Some things never change, kids were riding and "enjoying" the very same rides I enjoyed 60 years ago. No i-pods or game-boys  required!

The fair seemed to be much better than just a few years ago. Everything that we look for at summer fairs was to be found at the Iron County Fair.


Ironwood  Firefighters
to do Battle on Three Fronts!

The Ironwood Volunteer Firefighters are preparing to do battle on three fronts.

Ironwood - July 17, 2009

This Saturday July 18th, the brave men and women of the Ironwood Volunteer Fire Department (pictured above) will enter the arena to do battle with other fire departments at the annual Fire Company's water fights. The competition is being hosted by the Manitowish Waters Fire Co. The event takes place at Noon this Saturday, at the Manitowish Waters Community Center.

The event will serve as a warmup for the biggie. The 115th Annual Upper Peninsula Volunteer Firefighters Tournament. This major event takes place July 23rd through July 25th. The races will take place at 9:00am on Friday the 24th.



Klassic Kruisers Donate to I.V.F.D.

Ironwood - July 31, 2009

Yesterday the Ironwood Volunteer Fire Department was the recipient of a $500. donation from the Klassic Kruisers Car Club.  The donation was made in gratitude for the volunteer work of the firefighters during the 50's-60's dance at Ironwood Festival. The event took place on Saturday evening following  "Classic Car Parade"  through downtown Ironwood, which was sponsored by the Kruisers.

The donation had a doubling effect, as the Trans Canada Pipeline Co. agreed to match the Kruisers donation. Earlier in the  day the pipeline company also donated $500. to the Vols.

Pictured above (L - R) Kruisers Sharon Ravelli., Linda Gustafson, Chief Bob Tervonen , Ass't Chief Ken Jacobson, Kruisers Tom Ravelli. and Gene "Bones" Clemens.

On August 11th at 7:00 pm, The Gogebic Range Concert Band in conjunction with the Klassic Kruisers, will host a 50's and 60's night at Longyear Park.

Click to View Kruisers Car Show

Another Great Concert in the Park!
Ironwood - July 29, 2009

The Gogebic Range Concert Band once again entertained residents with a concert at Longyear Park. The audience was able enjoy a variety of musical selections that the band performed Tuesday evening. The "Concert on the Green" was the third of several planned for the 2009 summer season.

The GRCB concerts are free to the public, but would be worthwhile to attend even if an admission fee were charged. While the weather was questionable for the evening, the clouds moved out and we were treated to a cool but, sunny summer evening.



Ironwood Irony

Ironwood - July 31, 2009

Only in Ironwood. Pictured above is the front porch of a residence located at 632 E McLeod. The home was the center of a huge blight controversy. The home may have been abandonded and garbage was left all over the inside and the outside. After neighbor complaints mounted and media reports increased the city finally voted to abate the property last Monday evening.

The Irony? Pictured in the front porch taking garbage away in his car is John Harteloo, the owner of a home on Bonnie Street, which was also the center of many blight complaints. His property was also on the city council's agenda Monday evening.  Go figure!

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UPPCO Plans to Replace Main Spillway Gate at Bond Falls Dam

Houghton MI –  July 31, 2009

Upper Peninsula Power Company (UPPCO), a subsidiary of Integrys Energy Group (NYSE: TEG), has announced plans to replace the single main dam spillway gate at its Bond Falls Dam with an automated two-gate structure in 2010. The project, which is intended to enhance dam safety, still must be approved by the Board of Directors and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).

Work is expected to start in June 2010 and last until November. Throughout the construction period, visitors and nearby residents can expect heavy construction traffic on the roads to and around Bond Falls, including roads within the camping areas

"The construction will cause significant but temporary changes at the campground during the 2010 season," said Shawn Puzen, Environmental Consultant. "We're announcing these plans a year in advance so campers and other visitors have adequate notice for making next year's vacation plans.

"Sites W24, W25, and W26 will be temporarily closed during the construction period," Puzen continued. The reservoir will be approximately ten feet lower than it is this year, and at times flows over Bond Falls may be less than their normal volume. Visitors will be asked to stay away from the construction area for their own safety."

Although the spillway below the gate will be dry during construction, water from the bypass will continue to flow into the Middle Branch of the Ontonagon River to support aquatic life and maintain a scenic flow at the falls. Construction is expected to be completed in early November 2010, after which the reservoir level and river flows will return to normal at a rate determined by natural precipitation.

For More Information, Contact:

  • Shawn Puzen, Environmental Consultant
  • Media Hotline
  • UPPCO Customer Service




I.T.V.F.D. Seeking Voter Approval

Ironwood Township - July 30, 2009

At Moday's board meeting, ITVFD Chief  Jamie Peite provided the township Board of Trustees preliminary figures on the acquisition cost of a new Pierce Pumper-Tanker, being sought by the Township Firefighters. While the township has one Pumper-Tanker  it does not have a backup unit  thought to be needed by the Firefighters. The cost of a brand new 2007 Pierce seen above is between  $180,000 - $200,000. The unit is a Pierce unit placed on an International chassis. An all Pierce unit would cost three times as much. Peite doesn't feel that the township needs such an expensive unit, ($450,000+). Jamie and fellow vols got to see the unit close up in Florence, while at the U.P. Firefighters annual tournament.

The firefighters are seeking a millage approval from the Township voters for the funds to purchase the truck.


Ontonagon - "Keeping Children Safe"

On June 29, 2009, Ontonagon County Child Protection Council conducted a car seat clinic to ensure the safety of children in vehicles. On site were six certified car seat inspectors to check if parents had a properly installed child safety seat in their car. They offered advice and showed parents the safest way to travel with their child. This service was offered free to families in Ontonagon County.

Seven cars were inspected during the afternoon with numerous seats being replaced or repositioned in the cars.

The Council would like to thank first the technicians Dale Rantala, Judy Pruner, Andrew Digiorgio, Diane Curry, Mandy Fiori to provide this service. The Ontonagon Volunteer Fire Department gave us the use of the hall for the whole afternoon. Another thank you goes out to Pamida for the local support they give to Ontonagon County and the discount on the car seats purchased. Lastly thank you to the parents who came in to see that their children are provided safe transportation. You can visit this website to find out the changes with the car seat laws at

If you have any questions concerning your car seat safety, please call Kathie Preiss at 884-4386 or Paula Domitrovich at 884-4539

Pressure Canner Testing
at Farmers’ Market in Ontonagon


Ontonagon - July 29, 2009

Michigan State University Extension will offer free pressure canner testing at the Farmer’s Market in the Pamida parking lot on Thursday, August 6. Market hours are 3 - 7 p.m. Lucia Patritto of MSUE said, “The only way to safely can low-acid foods is to use a pressure canner. This allows food to reach a temperature higher than the boiling point of water, so that heat resistant bacteria and spores that can live on low-acid vegetables, meat, poultry or fish are thoroughly destroyed.”

There are two main types of pressure canners: weighted canners and dial gauge canners. No testing is necessary for the weighted gauge (“jiggler”) pressure canner. Since the weights themselves cannot change, merely checking the petcock, the safety valve and the pressure openings of the canner to make sure they are clean is sufficient. The openings can be cleaned with a pipe cleaner or a small sharp-pointed tool, such as a firm pin or skewer.
It is the dial gauge canners that should be tested each year, according to Patritto. “Recipes are handed down from generation to generation and, in some families, so is the equipment needed to prepare them”. Home canners are no exception. Many canners are passed down or bought at estate sales or yard sales. With gauge canners, there's no way to know if they are working properly without being tested – just cleaning the vent openings is not enough. Even newer canners should be tested to ensure the safety of the food being processed.”
Vegetables will soon be ready for canning and MSU Extension is ready to assist families in keeping their food safe. Patritto said, "If the gauge does not read correctly, the maximum temperature needed to kill botulism and other spores will not be reached, and the food will be under-processed. Conversely, if the gauge reads lower than the actual temperature, the food may be over-processed and less than top-quality.”

Kathie Preiss, Ontonagon County MSU Extension Nutrition Program Assistant and Frank Wardynski Ontonagon County MSU County Extension Director will be providing educational materials at the market, Grow your Kids with Fruits and Vegetables and ways to use your herbs. Preiss said, “The Market is just such a great place to see people and to provide education, as well as a natural site for pressure canner testing. Consumers can shop for freshly-picked local produce and get their canner tested at the same time.”

Residents need only to bring the cover of their dial gauge pressure canner for testing. The process takes just a few minutes and each consumer will be given a written report on the accuracy of the gauge. A limited number of canning bulletins will be available, as well as a handout detailing places to obtain canner supplies and replacement parts. Recommendations and suggestions regarding different methods of food preservation will be available from Patritto, Preiss, Wardynski and several area master food preservers.

There is no fee for these services. Residents can register for several prizes, as well.

“The USDA changed many of their canning recommendations in the late 1980s”, said Patritto. "Use of a pressure canner, rather than a boiling water canner, is recommended for most vegetables, as well as all meat, poultry and fish. We want to help keep area families safe, as well as ensuring peace of mind.”

For more information about canning or other methods of food preservation or to have your pressure canner tested at another time, please contact Lucia Patritto at the Gogebic County office of MSU Extension, (906) 663-4045 or toll-free at 1-888-MSUE-4-MI (Gogebic). She may also be reached through e-mail at Kathie Preiss may be contacted at Ontonagon County MSUE, (906) 884-4386 or through e-mail at

Another Great Concert in the Park!
Gogebic Range Concert Band

Hovey  Project Rears its Ugly Head Again!

Ironwood - July 29, 2009

The Ironwood city council acted a large number of items Monday evening, including three blight issues, an application for a trail grant a zoning variance and the usual myriad of mundane items.

What the city council failed to act upon is more noteworthy by far than the rest of the meeting combined. That was the ballot language to be used to put the Hovey "Towering Weeds" debacle on the November ballot. After hours, yes  "hours" of discussion on this item at the last council meeting, the city attorney, doubts that a binding referendum is legal. What makes this item even more fascinating is that the council also had voted to place the Ayer Street property back on the market, for sale. Two weeks have passed and it would be a safe bet that, that has happened yet either.

Checking at city hall today after beginning this article it was confirmed that my safe bet was indeed safe. Nothing has been done yet to get the controversial land back on the market, where perhaps it might be purchased by someone willing to pay taxes on on it.

Amazing yet, is that the latest hold up is in the city attorney's office for an appraisal to be made on the property. More amazing still, is that the city attorney, in public session,just two years ago, stated that no appraisal was required to sell the property!

The project has been stalled ever since it was first approved by the previous city council two years ago.


Commission on Aging Holds 32nd Senior Fest

Ewen - July 27, 2009

The Ontonagon Area Commission on Aging held its thirty second annual "Senior Fest" at the Ewen - Trout Creek School this past week.  Many area health and service providers were on hand to to give the large turn-out of seniors information about health care and other senior related matters.

On hand were home health care providers and representatives from organizations such as : Community Action, Aspirus, and Cooper Country Mental Health. The representatives came prepared with a myriad of informational brochures and pamphlets for the seniors to read. There also were blood pressure and blood sugar testing available for those wishing to have the free tests.

There were raffles and grab bags, as well as entertainment for those attending the event. Arvo Toolanen and his sister, Linda Graham provided music and stories for the group gathering in the cafetorium.

The turnout seemed much larger than in the past, partly due to the transportation to and from the event by ONTRAN buses.

The annual event is successfully produced by Joan Harris, director of the Ontonagon Area on Aging.

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Scouts Give Helping Hand!

Helping out at Senior Fest, while earning Community Service hours are White Pine Scouts. Pictured above are Coty and Beverly Isabel, and Katie Isabel and Sam Hapela.

Couple Celebrate 70th Wedding Anniversary

Pictured above are Sal and Clair Streeter.. The couple, life long residents of Bruce Crossing, will be celebrating 70 years together. A party for the couple  will be held on August 2nd.  Sal and Clair enjoy coming to the annual senior fest.

Firefighter Tournament Concludes

Florence, WI - July 26, 2009

The 115th Upper Peninsula Firefighters Tournament ended Saturday Morning as it began Thursday evening; with a parade. The Saturday parade down Central Avenue, described as the Commercial Parade, includes public participation in addition to the firefighters. 



Day Two
Tournament Coverage Continues

115th Upper Peninsula Firefighters Tournament

Florence, WI - July 25, 2009

Friday would be the big day for the U.P. Firefighters gathered in Florence, Wisconsin, as this would be the day when the competitive race events would take place

While it would be a day of sport and fun, it would also be a day that would test the firefighters skills needed to do their job when called upon to do so. Ironically, IronwoodInfo was at last years event and photographed the firefighters going through their paces at the tournament in Houghton. Just weeks afterward we would be photography many of those same firefighters exhibiting those very same skills as they fought the conflagration that could have destroyed all of downtown Ontonagon. It was those very same skills and responses displayed in Houghton that saved Ontonagon.



Firefighters are Heating
U.P. South of the Border

above - Hosts for this year's tournament, Firefighters from Florence Wisconsin
below (L) - Bob Tervonen, Ironwood's Fire Chief, has been recently elected  President  of  the "U.P. Firefighters Association"
Florence July 24, 2009

Firefighters are Heating U.P. South of the border is this year's theme for the U.P. Firefighters Annual Tournament.

For the first time in it's history, the U.P. Firefighters are holding the annual tournament outside the state of Michigan. This year Florence, Wisconsin will host the 115th Upper Michigan Volunteer Firefighter's Tournament. Next year the event move back across the border to Munising.